Our Vision


In 2021 Sister Cities New Zealand changed its operating name to ‘Global Cities New Zealand’:

It was agreed by majority vote that our organization
going forward will operate as Global Cities New Zealand to
give a more of a global perspective and as many young
people identify as global citizens, the name Global Cities
New Zealand would be a new, and dynamic name that
would more likely attract new members, particularly
young members

However, for legal purposes we remain as Sister Cities New Zealand Incorporated operating as Global Cities NZ.

Global Cities New Zealand aims to help cites and regions in Aotearoa New Zealand build enduring global relationships for mutual benefit. This is reflected in our vision.


We believe in the power of city and citizen diplomacy, the role of cities and communities in New Zealand’s global relations and reputation, and the value of genuine, enduring and credible city-to-city relations, based on mutual trust and respect.

Alongside a focus on sister cities, we strive to promote strong global partnerships, active citizen diplomacy, capability & exchange, and organisational performance.

Information about the board can be found here.


This site is currently being upgraded. If you can’t find something, please email admin@globalcities.org.nz

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