Fuzhou, Fujian, China

We would like to find a suitable city in NZ with which Fuzhou could establish a friendship city relationship. Last year (2016) we hosted Fuzhou Day in Auckland with support from local overseas Chinese with Fuzhou origin. Our delegation consisted of governmental officials, Fuzhou local companies who are interested in doing business or have already had business exchanges in NZ, as well as 12 local artists to have an art performance in Auckland.

It was a very good beginning for us to conduct exchanges between Fuzhou and NZ, however, as Foreign Affairs Office, we are so willing to find a sister city in NZ and could join together to do more exchanges in every possible field we are both interested in.

A Brief Introduction of Fuzhou

Lydia Zhu lydiazhu@hotmail.com
Int’l Exchange Section, Fuzhou Foreign & Overseas Chinese Affairs Office


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