Hwacheon County, Gangwon Province, South Korea

Hwacheon County (Hwacheon-gun) is a county in Gangwon Province, South Korea. The northern border parallels the Korean Demilitarized Zone, as close as nine kilometers in some places. Neighboring counties are Cheorwon to the northwest and north, Yanggu to the east, Chuncheon to the south, and the Gyeonggi-do province to the southwest. The county consists largely of mountains and rivers, between which are small farming communities, military bases and military training grounds. The area is renowned for its rivers, lake trout, indigenous otters, and natural scenery.
As of 2005, the population of Hwacheon stood at 23,822. 12,471 of these people were male; 11,351 were female. Only 90 of these people (0.38%) were foreign residents – 20 male and 70 female. The average household was home to 2.4 people, and 3,577 of the population (15%) was aged 65 or older.[1] These numbers do not reflect soldiers stationed in the area, which are estimated at approximately 35,000 personnel.


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